Thoughts: Print on demand books

Amazon is doing well in the eBook market, in recent news there have been talk of ebook sales overtaking printed books on Amazon.

When will Amazon and other warehouses start printing copies of books on demand instead of having them stored in warehouses awaiting to be sold. This is a waste of storage space and cellulose. We are fast approaching a time where new releases could be made available as ebooks and then printed on demand for those who choose to have something stuck in their own bookshelf.

I am not saying that it will be the end of printed books, but having tons and tons of unsold books in storage is a waste of resources, but as with all progress it would possibly change slowly with the printers, publishing houses and all the machinations that makes up the book industry adapting to the trend that more and more people seem to use their kindle, nooks and other ereaders to consume their reading needs.

So what do you think ? would you mind waiting another day for your hardcopy of a book knowing that it is mode ecofriendly.

Would this push more people over to ebook readers ?

Links to the various things that made me think of this:

fonerbooks, softpedia and if you’re curious I’m sure google can find more similar articles and whatnots….

and for a general intro to print on demand wikipedia can as always enlighten you

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