This is a test (iOS app)

I am testing the iOS app to see how comfortable I would be using it to write updates on the go on my Camino.   


This is the gear I am bringing and my backpack. You would be forgiven for thinking that Fjällräven might have sponsored me, they have not. I just prefer their gear and so I put my money where my preferences are, other things are the Y athletics shirts, Merrel and Haglöfs shoes and other misc items. I will do a full gear rundown before I leave and possibly a post Camino review and thoughts on what was and was not needed. This seems to be the thing to do, judging by the search results I have gotten when trying to research what I actually need to bring.
But the revamped iOS app seems to work fine, might have jinxed now though.

2 thoughts on “This is a test (iOS app)”

    1. He is currently sitting next to me, I have yet to ship him off on his next adventure. It will happen soon though, I’ve just sort of left it undone through a mixture of forgetfulness, life getting in the way and such… but it is my intention to ship him off to someone and let him continue his adventure.

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