The day before the day before the day….

  So today is Saturday and nerves have settled down… I have checked my backpack for things I might have forgotten and not found anything missing, this does not mean that I haven’t forgotten anything; just means that all that I packed all that I think I will need was there… something might have slipped my mind….
Some productive things have been done today as well, I helped F sort out his backpack, he had to borrow one my other ones. I brought two, one small-ish (38L) and one big one (75+20L.) The smaller one fit and he is testing it today. I will on the otherhand  have exchanged some currency so that I have so euros on hand, I think that might come in handy… 

Everything else is now just in limbo, I am just waiting untill we set out on this adventure…. Everything I do now feels like it is just a filler to pass the time…  But the weather is nice at least 🙂

Untill next time…


3 thoughts on “The day before the day before the day….”

    1. That is my plan yes, might not post every day but post I will 🙂 I “only” have my phone so the posts will not be super fancy, but combined with instagram and other social media I think things are covered…. 🙂

      1. It’s very difficult to post everyday while there. I tried it and failed miserably 🙂 The Camino will take up alot of your time…which is a very good thing but I find short posts and plenty of pictures are great ways of logging how you get on.

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