Day 3: Zubiri to Zariquiegui with a stop in Pamplona

Day 3 and I have broken off from the group, they planned an easy 15km day and I wanted to walk further, so I started from Zubiri at 7-8 after I had packed and organised, my stop in Pamplona was longer than I had planned, there was much to see, but I had to move on. As I continued it became clear that my goal of reaching Uterga was, well not happening. The albergue I tried in Cizur Manor was full. I decided to head on then instead of checking the other albergue there… Thus i ended up with a 44km walk (sightseeing included)… The only thing I am certain of at this point is that I will get up and walk tomorrow, Donut continues to be a hit with everyone 😀 

  Lunch, they had kittens (no, not on the menu silly.. roaming about)  
Ny note…

  notes from Pilgrims to loved ones, lost ones, strangers and other Pilgrims….  
Street art along the camino 

Pamplona, running of the bulls, the after party 😉  
The albergue was full, the church allowed people to sleep in it by the altar… 

One of the old gates in Pamplona 
Now bed,

Until next time

-S in Zariquiegui 

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