Day 4-5-6 

Day 4 i went from Zariquiegui to Villatuerta a 45km day, again, not smart. Especially when you drink 7-9L of water and do not watch your salt intake. In my defense I only planned to walk to Lorca which would have put me at 40km, the distance was not the biggest issue tho’ it is HOT like 35-40C and while some might think that is fine, as long as you don’t have to drag yourself uphill I suppose it would be. 

When I finally reached Villatuerta I got a nice welcome “dinner is now, but you have the sour… Shower and then eat” to say that I smelled after walking 45km in the Spanish sun is probably safe to say is an understatement. As the night progressed I got the symptoms of mild water poisoning, it was a miserable night. I chugged down a glass of sugar, salt and water just to stop the stomach cramps. In the morning I felt a bit better but not much, Tor followed me around with a concerned look  

When I went up to my room, it was mine at this time (0900) he laid down at the top of the stairs, waiting for me to emerge. 

After a slow start, I did some laundry before I left and ate some of my paella that I had left from the dinner the previous night (the chef was nice enough to pack it for me) 

I then headed to Estella, a short 5km walk, but it was enough as I still was not fully recovered… Not by far, but since it was short I made to Estella by 12 and got a nice spot in the albergue, after that I headed to the nearest supermarket and got a big bottle of AquaAquarius (basically gatorade) and drank it… it helped immensely and later I recovered enough so that my appetite returned and I scared down the rest of my paella…

I got up early leaving Estella 5-ish and was on the road shortly after, it made a huge difference getting that early an start. It was “cold” and with a bit of breeze… I Arrived in Los Archos at 1120 and stopped, which was a good thing because as I am writing this the temperature is blistering hot.. I would not want to be walking in it. 

In other news I heard through another pilgrim that G&T have abandoned their camino… I hope not, I will wait to hear from them or M&F who have bussed ahead of me to Logroño apparently according to their Facebook check-in 


On the way to Los Archos, this appeared, stairs down lead to a small pool… I did not use it since I wasn’t to warm then..

Los Archos…. tomorrow The plan is  Logroño…


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