The day of the blister (17/7/2015)

So I started off from Tosantos after a very nice stay at the parroquial albergue there, everyone made food together we had an guided tour to the old town church (was in a cave and no photos allowed) and we cleaned up the dishes together. I ran into Nicole, Nick and Sam again there… always welcome company those people.  

But I decided I should head on after Sam and Nick decided to stay in Agés (only 20km) I made, in hindsight, the stupidest decision ever…. I would make for Burges. Which should in theory put me in the 45km range for that day, but as it turned out… Due to  reroutes, an airport and the fact that Burgos is a big city… I ended ut  with a 50km day that day and the price for that was a two for one blister one on the base behind my big toe and the other right at be it, the first I could lance the second was to deep for that. 




 The day after was painful, but I had allowed a short day that day due to doing 50km the day before, so I stopped in Hornillos del Camino in a very nice albergue (the first one) and met a lovely group of people, did the usual, rest.. laundry blister maintenance (it was painful) luckily the albergue had a decent medical cabinet, including syringes and medical grade alcohol… So blister was drained again injected with alcohol (a very manly scream followed)…

The next day it still gave me issues, but I made it to Itero de la Vega… Møre og This later, but know that today I did 36km and the blister was just giving me slight discomfort and not pain… 

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