Contrasts and a guest appearance of tendinitis 

Yesterday day was a mixed bag if things when I walked, I am as both physically and mentally drained. As I entered the little town of El Burgo Ranero I was done in, I found the albergue with some help of the locals, it was full or “completo” as they say here. I looked around and could not find the private albergue that was listed in my guide. Neither Google nor Apple maps were any help, options dwindled 30€ for a room at a hostal or camping out. Camping out seemed the sensible option, as I looked for a spot I found the other albergue “La Laguna”

How could I miss spotting this? It was at the edge of town in a side street, that is how.

It was a good stay, the pilgrims there banded together and we made dinner, drank wine and had a really good time.

The day came to a glorious end..

 And I realised I had not done my laundry nor pre-packed my bag for the next day… minor issues as I had clean clothes for the next day anyway…
The walk started out nice in the morning, met some of the people from the previous night and some new ones… As is how it goes on the camino.

On the last 5km however the small twinge in my right leg got more noticeable and flexing my foot up became an impossible task… Hellooooo tendinitis fortunately it is not the full blown version that had me stationery a few weeks before I left for this adventure, there is no pain as I walk only when I try to flex… Some sports tape should mend the issue and keep the foot stable…..

When I get home from this I thing I must build a shrine to my left foot, who has had no issues apart from two blisters 😛

The contrast from yesterday’s very social stay to today is vast, there is only me and 3 other Pilgrims here… in a village who’s population seems to be in the double digit range
But now I must do laundry and get ready for dinner…

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