And then there was rejoicing 

Yesterday I had a better day, less pain in my foot and a shorter walk planned as I only needed to get to Astorga by Sunday, so there was no rush… I had found a schedule that worked and had finally let go if the not-enough-time-to-get-there monster.

I arrived at the albergue slightly exhausted because while there was no pain i still had to focus on how my right foot should strike the ground and make sure I did not plant it on a sharp rock.

We passed through León after a breakfast stop and a visit to the cathedral, we meaning myself, Donut and Barbara, a German girl I keep running.. We seem to be on the same-ish schedule and have about th e same pace… I suspect we will continue to run into each other. 

After spending time in the cathedral, we headed out of the city… As always the arrows led the way

And we ran into another pilgrim who seemed to enjoy a break airing out his feet, me and Donut know this feeling well, it is awesome 

We said goodbye to León and headed to our goal for the day which was La Virgen del Camino… 

The meseta was finally over, no more straight paths with endless cornfields or fields of sunflower, we got varied landscape again with wildlife…. And better yet my (right) foot was better. 

We arrived in good time, me and Barbara cooked dinner as it us cheaper, but not always an option due to schedule conflicts between pilgrims and the opening hours of the supermarket, outside of big cities they tend to have their own special opening hours… Weekend they appear even more erratic to me, but it is only a matter of what you are used to I suppose.

While I waited for Barbara to join me in my grocery run, I decided to check-in on my return flight from Santiago de Compostela and found that it was on the 8th, not on the 7th as I had always thought…. A whole extra day had appeared in my schedule, I laughed and relaxed even more… now I had plenty of time unless something really bad happened *knock on wood* so far so good….

Dinner was made, consumed and cleaned up. When I woke up the next day I almost has full flex of my foot and absolutely no pain.. I was even back to my normal 5km pr. hour pace.

With a small break for breakfast thus meant that I arrived at the albergue today at 11:45 as the first one here, with Barbara a close second 20 minutes behind but she had had the sense to seek out the supermarket first as it closed early (like 12:30) 

The Santa Lucia albergue in Villavente greeted us and we heard an echo of “Hola” in the hall from this fellow… 

Now we relax and regain some energy for tomorrow, untill next time 


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