Camino de Santiago: Day Six

Stage: Estella to Los Arcos ~25km


I planned this day to be sort of an easy “slow” day with an early start.. Heading out of Estella early at around 6-ish…

2015-07-12 06.28.30Heading out I felt good and completely recovered, and since I had not spent much time looking around the town when I arrived I did a bit of sightseeing before leaving the town behind, after a while on the camino it becomes easy to just walk past beautiful buildings and churches simply because they are so plentiful… but a while after when you have walked for a while you start taking all of it in and not just the snapshots you take with your cameras….







It was a clear day as I headed out on the camino for the sixth day, I had not had any lengthy conversations with anyone at the albergue so there was no group heading out together with me……

But sometimes walking by yourself is not the worst thing, on the camino you will most likely find that you will need some time to yourself. This will happen naturally even when you are walking along with awesome people… it is something everyone understands even after just two days on the camino. I started out by myself… well not just me… I had Donut for company but he is the silent type….

2015-07-12 06.35.57

And he, as always, likes to hang / sit on signposts .. 19KM left to Los Arcos. I was still feeling fine and became confident that I had recovered. I had, the only threat was the return of my tendinitis it had not flared up but I was wary of it. It is not called the camino killer for nothing. Today however everything was brilliant, my appetite had returned in full and was letting me know that it knew I had missed both 2nd breakfast and 2nd lunch yesterday… So while I was looking forward to breakfast-town (the first town you encounter that has a café open)

2015-07-12 06.41.50



But while I was yearning for breakfast… I was starting to get in the camino spirit.. meaning that I was getting more and more into the moments that happened when they happened. It might be a cliché but one of the great things you discover when you walk is that the world seems to fade and your focus is only on this day…..

2015-07-12 06.53.35


One foot in front of the other, the swishing noises of your trousers / shorts,

the sound of your shoes hitting gravel… and the road, the view…. it is difficult to explain.. it becomes a kind of meditative state I think…

2015-07-12 06.58.58

And on this day, both me and Donut found some peace, quite literally in this case.


As me and Donut walked along we were treated to the scenic view of the rolling Spanish countryside with stunning mountains capped with clouds… gravel, swish…. peace.

2015-07-12 07.33.37

We ran into someone as well, however neither me nor Donut can remember this person. We only walked with them for a short while as we approached breakfast-town… bread + scrambled eggs and some ham. I had yet to grow tired of this…(stay tuned for the bocadillo rant) My hunger might also have outranked my tastebuds..


As I got closer to Los Arcos I encountered these Roman baths, still working… It was quite tempting to just dive in and cool off…. for some reason I did not… and consulting my diary sheds no light on why I didn’t .. possibly a blister that I did not want to get wet or loose its compeed I can only guess… a brief rest… and onwards……

2015-07-12 09.43.10

Pilgrims walking the camino…one step, one swish…  I was getting ever closer to my destination for the day, it was not far from the top of this hill…. as I approached Los Arcos I was well and truly into the camino, I had stopped worrying about most things, budget schedule… they would re-appear at times later… but then as small thoughts that could quickly be dismissed instead of being a constant …

I arrived in Los Arcos at around 11:30 .. before the sun boiled everything… I was refreshed, and in good spirits… It might be the stark contrast to my experience the day before that made it seem that much better… I ran into Jørgen, Anikken and Viggo again (the Swedes)

My stay in Los Arcos will be written up in the next post, which I will have up shortly.. and I mean that… looking at you… future me…. reason for this is that the stay needs a seperate write up is that things happened (all good) … so a small cliffhanger

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