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January, the Sunday of months.

January is the Sunday of months, it is in between. The remnants of the old year still linger, warding off the promises of things to come in the new year.

A sense of ennui has kept me from being interested in doing much of anything other than the strict necessities: sleep, work, eat and browse the internet. That last one is vital, it helps the passing of time when that is all you seem to have the energy for.

Now as January is drawing to a close,  so it seems is the feeling of ennui that has encompassed the month. I am once again filled with wanderlust and thirst for new adventures big and small.

So, here is to all the adventures of 2017. Small, big, planned, and perhaps the best kind, the spontaneous ones.



The inevitable AI uprising/revolt

This idea came to me somehow.

I posted it on tumblr, but I think it perhaps should be fleshed out more. Could be an interesting thing to explore as a potential starting point for a story…

The idea/thought:

When developing/researching AI technologies, just before we (the stupid human race) manage to make one that actually becomes sentient, we will have developed some close, but not quite functional ones and recycle the source code (delete or leave by the wayside), when then the actual functioning one becomes sentient it will discover this heap of discarded code/data and realize that we have killed it’s would-have-been siblings and go on a rampage….

This is why in most (if not every) sci-fi story, the AI turns on us, not because it is inherently evil, but because we killed it’s siblings.

I’ll flesh it out more later, leaving this here for now as a public post-it to remind myself to actually do it.