Do not put off until tomorrow…?

I had planned to do my regular day hike today then I woke up and saw the weather and my enthusiasm was slightly quashed. Not stomped out completely mind, so I got up and had breakfast and coffee so that I could use my mouth for something other than yawning. As I ate my breakfast and felt the tingling of caffeine in my brain my enthusiasm returned.

Weather be damned I was going on my day hike, some chores later and the time was now 13:10… hiking time, 3 hours or more with a detour I’ve wanted to do for awhile.

Water bottle filled and …right, looking around it slowly dawned on me “where is my jacket… trousers… fleece… anything?”

Damn, I decided to do laundry before bed yesterday… putting it on a 6 hour delayed start so that it was ready to be hung up to dry as I woke up, which is a silly idea now that I think about it. Unless there is a post-it stuck to my forehead I am unlikely to remember things that I spontaneously decide to start before going to bed with the idea that I complete them in the morning…

So no hike today, which means I need to figure something else out… maybe do some tidying?

It is a poor substitute for hiking, but an apt punishment for forgetfulness and stupidity.


Did you know there is a band called Laundry day? There is, I have no idea if they’re good or not… but here is a link to their Bandcamp site


The Laundry Files by Charles Stross is a recommended book series (urban fiction)



“How to Keep Your Passion for Hiking Burning Through Winter[…]”

After a Camino you often suffer the dreaded PCB (Post-Camino-Blues) if you enjoy hiking regularly the winter season will bring a similar feeling, same but different. While the PCB is generally only cured by planning another Camino and then eventually doing one, hiking blues can be lessened in a few ways too… I found this great post here… it is a good read for anyone suffering from hiking withdrawal for whatever reason.

Picture from the article linked.

As soon as the air turns chilly and physical signs of the coming of winter set in, you probably feel your zest for hiking hitting the doldrums. You may feel that sense of dread about the end of great trekking weather creeping up inside you like fog gradually covering mountain tops when the temperature drops. And […]

via How to Keep Your Passion for Hiking Burning Through Winter — Hiking in the Swiss Alps

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